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Although I'm technically a certified health coach, I consider myself more of a consultant these days. I'm not going to write you meal plans or tell you what to do/eat and when, but I will help you navigate the world of "healthy living" and the often overwhelming sea of choices and latest trends.  My goal and focus is to help filter through to find what the main points are for you so that you can most easily and simply relax, feel good and enjoy your life.

My base line for coaching is bio-individuality = every body is different. That being said, there are a handful of adjustments that can be made, that are applicable to every body, in order to start seeing results surprisingly quickly.  Often times when we're overwhelmed by choice, "should's" and more things that we know we should be doing, but aren't, we become paralyzed and make poor choices to numb the helpless feeling. It's an annoying cycle. Working with a coach/consultant is like turning on the light in the dark. It's not so bad, not so hard, and not so overwhelming when we don't have to do it alone. Little hinges swing big doors. Tiny pebbles cast big ripples. I offer men and women fresh perspectives and new ideas. I help people simplify their lives and choices so they can relax and feel better.

Both long distance and in person sessions are available. 

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I love massage and I love getting results for my clients.  I offer high quality massage customized to your individual needs.  Whether it's targeted relief from chronic tension and injury or a relaxing massage after long days in the Moab sun, I'm here to help you move more easily in your body so you can keep doing the things that bring you joy. 

I use a variety of modalities depending on the goal of your session.  If you are looking for targeted work then often times an integrative massage where we are working together, using various neuro muscular and activation release techniques, is my approach.  If you are simply needing to unwind and feel restored, then aromatherapy, hot stones, hot towels and cups may all come into play.  If there is something specific that you know you would like ahead of time, kindly let me know when you make your appointment and I will do my best to meet your needs. 


60 minutes - $90

75 minutes - $105

90 minutes - $120

The core of my practice is that the mind, body and spirit cannot be separated into parts.  I use an integrative approach in all that I do.  It's all about the conversation.



By Appointment Only

Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

9 am - 6 pm

for availability: 

call or text 435.260.0424


*Also, my office mate Teresa is available to take clients Friday, Saturday and Sunday

call or text her at 661-221-1596



76 S Main St. Suite #10, Moab, UT 84532 USA
(Located upstairs of the Red Rock Bakery)

call or text 435-260-0424

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