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I love massage and I love getting results for my clients.  I offer high quality massage customized to your individual needs.  Whether it's targeted relief from chronic tension and injury or a relaxing massage, I'm here to help you move more easily in your body so you can keep doing the things that bring you joy. 

I use a variety of modalities depending on the goal of your session.  I almost always incorporate at least 5 minutes of massage cupping because of the undeniable results of using negative pressure (instead of compression).  If you are looking for targeted work then often times an integrative massage where we are working together, using various neuro-muscular, activation release techniques, and cupping therapies is my approach.  If you are simply needing to unwind and feel restored, then aromatherapy, hot stones, and hot towels come into play.  Targeted fascia work and neck traction take all of these sessions to the next level. If there is something specific that you know you would like ahead of time, kindly let me know when you make your appointment and I will do my best to meet your needs. 


30 minutes - $50

60 minutes - $95

75 minutes - $120

90 minutes - $145

*moab locals receive a discount



I am a proud member of the International Cupping Therapy Association and have been trained in a variety of cupping modalities including massage cupping, facial rejuvenation cupping, cupping for cellulite, dynamic cupping, stationary cupping, sports cupping, biomagnetic blanket for the back as well as other targeted areas of the body.   When it comes to manual lymphatic drainage and myofascial release, it's my modality of choice.


Cupping uses negative pressure by creating suction to lift the tissue, drawing stagnant blood and lymph to the surface to be flushed out by the lymphatic and circulatory systems while simultaneously encouraging fresh blood, qi and lymph to come in.   Rather than using compression, like in massage, the negative pressure creates space by lifting tissue, un-sticking gluey adhesions, drawing out stagnancy and inviting in fresh nutrient rich blood to the cells.  The stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system is profound and I find that the effects from this bodywork lasts longer than regular compression massage.  


More and more I incorporate massage cupping in one way or another into every session because it works and because the combo is so dynamic.   Cumulative treatments are encouraged for lasting change to the tissues.  Check out to educate yourself more.

Services include and are often combined together and/or with massage based on your request:

Facial rejuvenation cupping

Abdominal cupping

Sports and orthopedic cupping

Myofascial release cupping

Sinus decompaction cupping

Lymphatic drainage


Detoxification treatments

TMJ disorders

Cupping for cellulite

Cupping for trigger points

Biomagnetic cupping


30 minutes - $50

60 minutes - $95

75 minutes - $120

90 minutes - $145

*moab locals receive a discount



A coach helps you embrace your unique bio-individuality through trust, safety, love and humor.  When you raise your state through recognizing patterns, balancing your energy, eating whole foods, saying yes to soul foods, growing your awareness, and relaxing into who you came here to be, everything changes and I'm here to help.


Our time together requires getting honest with ourselves, getting to know ourselves and taking responsibility for our lives. 

We can become so tunnel visioned in our problems that it's helpful to seek guidance to help broaden our vision and widen our lens so we can see things differently, from a new perspective.


I believe our perceived problems and ailments are our greatest gifts, rich with amazing opportunities to discover who we are and what lessons we can learn and expand from.

Chronic disease is an outcome.  It's an outcome of unbalanced energy levels - everything being worse when we're stressed or tired.  When we replenish our energy, when we release stored energy in our bodies and energy centers, our bodies replenish us. Our bodies come back into balance and we no longer need to express dis-ease if we've learned the lesson we needed to learn.  Or, when we do get those weak points that flare up again, we see them as the signs and messages that they are and adjust accordingly.


We get to know ourselves through recognizing our own patterns, bringing awareness to our belief systems, tracking our thoughts and emotions, and taking responsibility for what we'd like to create.

I help people who are ready and willing.  I specialize in areas that I have experience in - transforming beliefs, motherhood, addiction, anxiety, depression, injury, death and loss,

becoming your own boss, coming home to your self.

What are you hungry for?

Both long distance and in person sessions are available

$95 / 1 hour coaching session


By Appointment Only

Tuesdays | Wednesdays | Thursdays

10 am to 5 pm

for availability: 

call or text 435.260.0424


my office mate Sharon Stubbs is available Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

You can call or text her at 435.260.7427

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