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I was born and raised in northwestern Pennsylvania in an old farm house on a hundred acres of land where I was free to be a kid. I graduated college in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Life Science emphasis from the University of Findlay in Ohio and then moved to Moab, UT in 2005. I’ve been a Certified Health Coach since 2010 (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, TCM) and a professional Licensed Massage Therapist since 2012 (US Career Institute, Fort Collins, CO).  I'm also an HFA-trained homeopath, having completed courses in homeopathy including the fundamentals and advanced practitioner courses from the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy out of Melbourne, Australia. 


I believe wholeheartedly in an integrative, ripple effect approach to health.  I believe health is a balance between the material world and the energetic world and I think homeopathy is a very important bridge between the two. It's about communication.  It's how the heart talks to the brain and how the brain talks to the muscles and how we talk to ourselves.  I love manipulating soft tissue so there's more flow - flow of oxgen, blood, nerve impulses, and vital life force energy. I believe I can do the most good by listening - to people and to what their bodies are telling me, what their face and what their energy is telling me.  When people combine coaching, homeopathy and bodywork, people's lives change, veils lift, stories change, consciousness expands and balance is restored. I love watching this happen.  It brings me so much joy to have a heart-centered, grounded career that serves others so they can feel better and enjoy their life. I love what I do, the people I meet, and the lives I touch.  And I love coming home to my beautiful husband and our two divine children.  Grateful. Blessed. Grateful some more.

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