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​​ Before I became a massage therapist, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  When I needed more than recipes and diets, I obtained a certificate in the Transformational Coaching Method and its Mastery level program to work on a deeper, psychological level of habit and behavior change.  I continue to be humbled by how much my life changed because of the "skills labs" where we practiced coaching each other.  Looking back, I realize that it was that exchange of feeling heard and validated, receiving fresh new ideas, broadening and expanding my perspective of self, feeling safe to let my emotions out, and letting my mind tire out to actually let go of the excuses and just try the new food, or go for the walk or change my job that no longer fulfilled me. 

Guided meditations to integrate different parts of my self that were competing and vying for attention gradually integrated to begin working with each other, calming my anxieties and dialing back my nervous system.  I felt safer, no longer needing to be on such high alert all of the time.  This is what I aspire to give to others as well.

Just about everyone I meet knows what they should be doing (or at least have an idea of what the next step is) to achieve their health goals but they just aren't doing it. Navigating the overwhelm of choice and trends is where I am most effective.  I love hearing my clients say, "Well, that sounds simple, yeah I can do that." Two weeks later they come back and say that they're amazed that making that one small change had such a profound effect. And I say, "Yup. Just keep letting it be easy."  Sometimes we need to just get it all out, what's stopping us, the frustrations, the stress, the exhaustion.  Once we exhaust all of that in a safe space, we make more room to actually do the thing... and the "thing" is usually one small step.

The great paradox of our time is that most of our sicknesses are of our own making. "Nine out of the top ten killers, such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke are caused by the food we eat, water we drink, houses we live in and offices we work in... Improving diet and exercise and removing toxins and stressors from the home and workplace have a profound and lasting effect on the prevention and treatment of the majority of modern, chronic diseases. "(Breath, Jame Nestor) 

The reason I consider myself more of a consultant than a coach these days is because I've acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience by using my own body/life as one big experiment.  I like to think I've widdled down pretty basic key concepts from a tree of endless choices, diets, fads, trends and excruciatingly over-complicated how-to's of becoming "healthy."  One of the greatest hacks is having someone to bounce ideas off of and meet you where you are, to validate your emotions and to throw you a flotation device when you're tired of treading in the middle of a sea of overwhelm. Whether you're looking to lose weight, increase vitality, gain a greater sense of balance, have more fun and play and/or better relationships with self and others, I'm here to help, guide and support you.

We’re all in this life together doing the best we can!  Support from safe, loving people in a trusting environment is invaluable. 

Paid sessions are completely customizable to fit your independent health goals and are usually 60 minutes long.

I offer individual sessions on an as needed/desired basis after an initial commitment of 4 sessions.

Sessions are available in person and long distance.

All consulting sessions are $1/1 minute