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​​ Before I became a massage therapist, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  When I needed more than recipes and diets, I obtained a certificate in the Transformational Coaching Method and its Mastery level program to work on a deeper, psychological level of habit and behavior change.  Because just about everyone I meet knows what they should be doing to be healthier, but they just aren't doing it. The "what's stopping you" part is where I come in most effectively. 

By definition, “Health coaching, also referred to as wellness coaching, is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging a client to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values, and transform their goals into action.”

As a health coach, I help men and women reach their individual health goals through education, humor, guided visualization, neuro-linguistic programming techniques and accountability so they can relax, be happy, and enjoy their life.   

I coach under the guiding principle that when you change a belief, you change everything.  When we realize there is no such thing as failure, (only feedback), and that our challenges are our greatest gifts, we begin to shift to a more integrated, loving approach towards attaining our health goals.  We work toward letting go of the attachment to what keeps us from having the experience we would like – be it weight loss, increased vitality, greater sense of balance, more fun and play and/or better relationship with self and others. 

We’re all in this life together doing the best we can!  Support from safe, loving people in a trusting environment is invaluable.

Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation to see if working together is the right choice for you.

Paid sessions are completely customizable to fit your independent health goals and are usually 60 minutes long.

I offer individual sessions on an as needed/desired basis or a bundle of 4 (weekly or bi-weekly) sessions at a discounted rate when payment is made up front.

I love technology so I can coach my ideal client long distance by phone anywhere in the U.S.  

And, of course, you can meet up with me in my office in Moab for in person sessions. 

$65 / 60 minutes

$240 / 4 sessions (bundle paid up front)


76 S Main St. Suite #10, Moab, UT 84532 USA

call or text 435-260-0424

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