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nourish your roots to grow + thrive

​​ "Thank you for being a part of my life, for everything you have done for me. I know that  part of the great things in my life is because of your help and wisdom.  I really appreciate your support and trust.  It allows me to open up and it also makes me listen better and be willing to trust and try different things you suggest may help."

- Terence, 40 years old

Before I became a massage therapist, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  When I needed more than recipes and diets, I obtained a certificate in the Transformational Coaching Method and its Mastery level program to work on a deeper, psychological level of habit and behavior change.  I continue to be humbled by how much my life changed because of the "skills labs" where we practiced coaching each other.  Because knowledge is for the mind, but experience is for the body.  Talking and talking and repeating positive affirmations will only do so much.  We have to experience the thought as a feeling or emotion to change our state of being.  And when we change our state of being, we change our personal reality and we start to see things, wonderful things, move towards us.

Life is energy. Energy is life.  All organic life requires energy.  Humans get energy in many ways but namely through sleep, food and water, exercise (which releases energy from our muscles), meditation (which releases energy from our energy centers) and positive experiences.  Everyone I know has had the experience of feeling better after they have had a chance to do something they love where they lose track of time.  I call this soul food.

Unfortunatey, most of us do more things every day that deplete our energy rather than replenish our energy - jobs we don't like, food that isn't actually food but some food-like substance, unhealthy relationships, addictive thoughts to never ending to-do lists and overwhelm, addictive thought and stress patterns, not enough sleep.  We tend to over-do as modern day humans and as a result, we are not feeling very well.  The great paradox of our time is that most of our sicknesses are of our own making.

We may get affirmations that come through on our social media feed and surround ourself with feel-good quotations, but we need to have an experience in our body to change our state.  Neuroscience research shows that our brains cannot tell the difference between an outer experience that stimulates an emotional response and an inner experience that is coupled with an emotional state.  In other words, your brain and the neurocircuitry and neurochemistry can't tell the difference between whether you're actually on the beach, lying in a hammock listening to the waves or just closing your eyes and going there in your mind.  We have the tools to heal, change, and have what we want inside all of us and it's totally free.  We just need help getting started.

Support from safe, loving people in a trusting environment is invaluable and I'm here to offer you just that.


I offer individual sessions on an as needed/desired basis after an initial commitment of 4 sessions. Paid sessions are completely customizable to fit your independent health goals and are usually 60 minutes long.

Sessions are available in person and long distance at $1/1 minute.

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