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I am a lay homeopathic practitioner specifically trained in HFA researched and founded by Grant Bentley, president of the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy in Melbourne, Australia.  In addition to other courses on first aid and acute infections, I have most recently I completed the Foundations course taught by Grant and the Advanced Practitioner course taught by his wife, Louise Bentley, both of which have a primary focus on chronic disease and illness. 

Grant devised this method of homeopathy and his college has been clinically trialing the relationship between facial structure and chronic prescribing for 20+ years. He and his wife Louise  teach it to undergraduates and postgraduates all around the world. 

HFA does not treat specific diseases but treats the patient energetically, allowing their own innate healing abilities to work in synchronicity with their body, immune system and emotions.  HFA is an energy model.  It is vital to understand that chronic illness is an outcome.  It is not a virus or bacteria, it is an outcome.  It is an effect, a result from some external energetic trigger that has occurred which then depletes energy levels in a person that is otherwise born with a capacity for health. Chronic disease can be the accumulation of stress or long term exhaustion.  These include allergies, digestive complaints, autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances, skin complaints of all kinds, asthma, migraines, behavioral problems, and repeated (chronic) infections like colds, bronchitis and ear infections.

Symptoms from energetic chronic disease are always worse when we are

1. Stressed

2. Tired

Common external energetic triggers that keep us in a constant state of fight or flight (sympathetic nervous system) include overwork, worry, violence, threat of security and safety, abuse, continuous emotional strain, drugs and alcohol, fear, anxiety, loss of a loved one, childbirth, pregnancy, not enough exercise, too much exercise and lack of meaning or contribution.

Why the face?

Grant and Louise teach that facial analysis is an important diagnostic tool. Internal energy is reflected in external structure and the face shows us this more than anything.  It's like a fingerprint for our internal energy, no two faces or prints are alike.  Your internal energy rules your immune system, hormonal system, and nervous system as well as your emotions.  A facial analysis looks at lines, spacing, angles, structure and size and reveals a dominant energy pattern. Doing a facial analysis helps to determine which miasm, or dominant energy pattern (how you respond to stress), you belong to. 

There are 7 different dominant energy patterns and they each have a color associated for classification purposes.  Knowing which miasm or color group you are helps to choose the best homeopathic remedy.  This is the individuality component of the process. 

The face, along with how your body and mind specifically respond to stress and exhaustion in a given environment (totality) leads us to find the best remedy for you.  Over time, the better the match, the greatest the relief.  When the miasm/color group is chosen correctly, the HFA process yields excellent results. 50% of patients get a remedy that acts well on the first remedy chosen and 80% within 4 choices. For any ailment or condition, patients experience significant increase in energy and decrease in symptoms. Pathology tests improve over time.

The role of homeopathy is vital in restoring energy levels to a state of balance or homeostasis and then giving extra self-energy to areas that need repair and replenishment.

I have personally been using homeopathy for 12+ years, I have been studying it all along, but in a more concentrated way the last 4+ years. With the guidance of my naturopath, I have used it with both of my children since they were infants. I notice a resiliency, an adaptability, a strength in development and learning, a greater capacity for the nervous system to take in stimulus and re-balance itself, a clarity and a groundedness in myself, my husband, my children, my extended family and now my clients who use homeopathic medicine to support their mind, body and spirit.  Many thanks to my family and friends who over the years have let me practice and experiment on them, giving me the courage to continue my studies and to finally become a practitioner myself.

I would love to work with you. Sessions are done in person and long distance over Skype or Facetime.  Please reach out if you have a current complaint(s) or health situation that you would like to address and need support with.

More on Grant Bentley, his college, research, classes offered, and access to his written books can be accessed on his website

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