Individual coaching session

Individual coaching session

health coaching - a one on one session, in a safe, loving environment where we work together so you can relax and enjoy your life. 

  • What's in it for me?

    As a health coach, I help men and women reach their individual health goals through education, humor, guided visualization, neuro-linguistic programming techniques and accountability so they can relax, be happy, and enjoy their life.   I coach under the guiding principle that when you change a belief, you change everything. When we realize there is no such thing as failure, (only feedback), and that our challenges are our greatest gifts, we begin to shift to a more integrated, loving approach towards attaining our health goals - be they weight loss, increased vitality, greater sense of balance, more fun and play and/or better relationship with self and others. We’re all in this life together doing the best we can! Support from safe, loving people in a trusting environment is invaluable.

    Sessions usually last 45-60 minutes and are easily done over the phone, anywhere in the US.


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